Wayne Rooney saw a first half goal wrongly ruled out when we played West Brom a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, we went on to score another four goals so we weren’t left to regret it.

Rooney has a reputation of mythering the referee too much, as well as swearing when decisions don’t go his way. However, he has today claimed that he can get along fine with the officials when they communicate properly.

“You understand that referees make mistakes, players make mistakes,” said Rooney. “But it’s nice when they don’t completely cut you off. I like Mark Halsey as a referee. I thought I maybe should have had a goal in the first half, that it shouldn’t have been disallowed. He spoke to me and told me he thought there was enough contact on the defender. That was his decision and I said, ‘fair enough’. If you get a good relationship with a referee and they speak to you like that, it’s better for the player and the officials.”