Wayne Rooney has against reiterated his respect for Sir Alex Ferguson after the manager was presented with FIFA’s Presidential Award at the Ballon d’Or ceremony last night.

Following Rooney’s Boxing Day meal out, the press have been reporting of a big rift between the player and manager.

Either Rooney and Ferguson are better actors than we thought or the newspapers have been blowing the situation out of proportion this week.

“Sir Alex is the greatest manager of all time. Of course I would like to play under him for the rest of my career,” said Rooney. “He’s a great manager and is a big reason why I joined Manchester United. If I could finish my career playing under Sir Alex then I won’t have gone far wrong. As I said before he is, in my eyes, the best ever. His success and his trophies speak for themselves. He’s an incredible manager and has done so much for football and so much for my game as well. His every-day commitment to his job is what makes him stand out. He’s in before the players every morning and leaves after you. His commitment, his desire to win and his dedication is incredible.”