Despite still be Manchester United’s captain, Wayne Rooney has played a minor role this season, with poor form and injuries seeing him often left out of the starting XI.

It’s hard to imagine that he will still be at the club next season but Rooney has claimed that he wants to stay but also wants to play more football.

Would I like to stay? I’ve been at this club 13 years. Of course. I want to play football. I think football changes and you have different periods and challenges in your career and this season, of course, I’ve not played as much as I’d liked to have played. I would like to play more but that’s the way it’s panned out and I’ve tried to help the team off the pitch, on the pitch, and tried to help us win.

I’ve not thrown my toys out of the pram, I’ve not made a big fuss about it but, of course, I’m a football player and I want to play football. The more I can play, obviously the better for me and the more I feel I can help the team.

With United just one game away from reaching the Europa League final, Rooney has claimed that United are doing all they can to win and get us back in next season’s Champions League.

It’s a massive chance to get to the final. I think it’s been a long, hard competition this season. We deserve to be here and it’s an opportunity for us to win a trophy, so it’s a huge chance for us.

It’s important for us to be back in the Champions League, of course. It’s something we all want and I think this club belongs there. Realistically, it’s going to be difficult to do it through the league so this is the chance for us to do it but also to win a trophy. First of all we have to concentrate on trying to win the trophy and take what comes with it, which of course is qualifying for the Champions League.

This is a semi-final, a European semi-final, and it’s the biggest competition we’ve realistically had of winning over the last two or three years. So, we’re taking it really seriously, we want to win it. We’re in a good position, but it’s not over. Nevertheless, we feel we’ve got a good chance of going through to the final if we play to our best.