After Manchester United’s 4-0 win over AC Milan last night and witnessing the great reception David Beckham received, Wayne Rooney claimed he hopes the fans will one day view him in the same light.

“David has been a great servant to this club and all the United players were delighted he got a great reception,” said Rooney. “I hope I can become as well respected and thought of at this club as David Beckham. I have plenty of years ahead of me and if I get half of the plaudits he has been getting then I will be delighted.”

David Beckham spent eight seasons in United’s first team, winning six league titles, the European Cup and two FA Cups, before choosing to sign for Real Madrid just after he turned 28-years-old.

Wayne Rooney is now playing in his sixth season at Manchester United, having won three league titles, the European Cup, two League Cups and the FIFA World Club Cup.

Legendary status can’t be measured by success and the trophy haul alone, obviously, but it does help. Attitude, commitment and longevity of a career also play a part.

Rooney’s not facing the end of the career like Beckham is, so it’s much harder to reflect, but I’d argue Rooney is up there in terms of the players United fans have the most love for.

Last night the crowd had been whipped up in to frenzy about Beckham’s visit but it was fitting that he was received well. Beckham chose to leave us, for what he regarded to be a step up, whilst Rooney is still here. Whether Rooney is regarded by all fans as a bigger legend than Beckham will depend on whether he chooses to leave us too, or whether he stays true to his ambitions now and doesn’t leave United.