When the whistle blew at the Stadium of Light after our final game of the season, Manchester United were top of the league. Moments later, Manchester City scored a late winner against 10 man QPR, who capitulated once they learnt they were safe, to win the league.

As news of the goal started to spread around the ground, Sunderland fans starting celebrating and copied City’s lame Poznan celebration.

“When the final whistle went, we didn’t really know what the score at City was. But then we heard the Sunderland fans cheering,” Rooney said after the game. “It was sad to see that because they should be supporting their own team really. They didn’t have the best of seasons so for them to be cheering like that was sad. It was something myself and a lot of the players won’t forget.”

Rooney brought out his latest autobiography this summer and it was clear that his feelings on the matter were still strong.

“I don’t know where I will play the previous games before it, I just want to play against Sunderland. When the fixtures come out I look for three games – City, Liverpool and Everton. This time I checked the Sunderland game. If there is one team that I want to beat this season it will be Sunderland.”

I have a feeling that if he plays, we will have more discussion about players provoking fans, because there’s no way Rooney won’t be giving the travelling supporters stick when we score.