Wayne Rooney has given a short interview with the official site where he talks about training at Manchester United.

Who would you play alongside in your ideal five-a-side team?
Do you have to have a goalkeeper? If not, I’ll go for Angel, Falcao, Robin and Mata.

Who scored the best goal you have ever seen in training?
I’d probably say Giggsy. I remember him scoring a volley a few years ago.

Which is the best goal you have ever scored in training?
I’m not sure I have any particular goals in mind. It’s not something I’ve really thought about as obviously there are days when we do a lot of finishing and a lot of shooting and I’ve scored some great goals. But there have been so many from a lot of players over the years, not just me, and obviously the ones in training are not the ones you remember.

Who is the most competitive player in training – Daley Blind said it was you?
Yeah I’d probably say myself and Fletch [Darren Fletcher] really! Rafael is always another one and obviously Daley has come in and been really competitive. I think the way the squad is now means it’s really competitive and we want to win in training. You’re disappointed if you’re on the losing team so I think everyone is quite competitive.

What is your favourite part of training?
My favourite part is when you go into the games, that’s when the players really enjoy it. There is a lot of tactical training with the shape and the play. You enjoy that and it’s great for you and your knowledge of the game.