When a player emerges as a Premier League top talent when just 16-years-old, there is going to be the weight of expectation upon their shoulders. If that player then goes on to sign for Manchester United for a fee with the potential of rising to £30 million when their 18-years-old, the pressure of fulfilling the potential must be immense.

This is Wayne Rooney’s life, and whilst I imagine he’d never complain about it, it will have lumbered him with unnecessary pressure. Despite improving every season whilst at United, and being loved by our fans, he receives a hard time in the media about never fulfilling his potential.

Whilst Rooney is slogging his guts out for the team, Cristiano Ronaldo waltzes is, stealing the limelight. Last season, his goals tally was absolutely incredible and nothing should take away from that. However, with only two players in the Premiership assisting more goals than Rooney, I’m sure Ronaldo would be more than happy to acknowledge his brilliant season wouldn’t be possible without Wayne’s efforts.

Rooney has today claimed that despite their close friendship, there is no banter between Ronaldo and himself over the amount of goals scored.

“I don’t think I will ever lose my determination,” said Rooney. “It is something I have always had. If we are not winning I get frustrated. I don’t like losing. If you are telling me that is wrong I won’t believe you. I am a team player. Everyone is saying I should score more goals. But we won the league and Champions League last season – if that happens again I would be delighted. I certainly don’t have any banter with Cristiano (Ronaldo) about who scores the most goals. Maybe he has a chat with the manager about it but I don’t.”

Will Rooney score more than Ronaldo this season?