Wayne Rooney Coleen HoneymoonWayne Rooney got married to childhood sweetheart, Colleen McLoughlin, a fortnight ago, and is currently enjoying his honeymoon in Las Vegas.

There were talks of a rift between Rooney and Ferdinand following Rio’s late decline of a wedding invitation, although I’m sure this is nothing more than paper talk.

What I’m more concerned with is the fact Rooney has been smoking cigarettes during his time away, which obviously isn’t what you’d be expecting from a professional athlete.

I’m one of those who’d be happier if the smoking ban hadn’t come in place (the smell of piss and vomit, coupled with having to shiver outside in the winter months sway me) so don’t take this as an anti-smoking campaign. But what the fuck is Rooney thinking about??

Wayne Rooney smoking Manchester UnitedLounging in the pool, Rooney can quite clearly be seen with a fag in his hand.

Some might say that players need to unwind when the season is over, and Rooney has worked bloody hard for us in the one that has just finished.

It is seen as more socially acceptable for athletes to drink when they’re not playing (and it was only 15 years ago that the United lads used to head down the pub for a few drinks after playing at Old Trafford!), but is it any worse to be smoking?

Do you think Fergie should be having a word when Rooney returns to training?