“Once a blue always a blue” Everton fans jeer at Wayne Rooney, in reference to the t-shirt he displayed under his shirt as an Evertonian youngster. Things have changed a lot since his teenage years, with Rooney now kissing the badge of Manchester United, the club he won the title with last season.

Today, Rooney has confessed he has no desire to move abroad, preferring to stay with United for the rest of his career. “I have no desire to play abroad,” he said. “I love playing for Manchester United and I’m pretty sure that will never change. Our game in England has improved so much in the past few seasons I think we have proved now that we have the best league in the world. We attract the best players and, in my eyes, it’s by far the best league. It is up to other players if they decide to play abroad but, for me, English football is better than anything else.”

Do you think Rooney will see out his career with United?