Wayne Rooney has spoken about the frustrating summer he endured with England at Euro 2016 which saw them beaten by Iceland.

When talking about England’s style, there are similarities to the football that Louis van Gaal had Manchester United playing. Like our fans last season, Rooney believes that keeping possession for the sake of it is frustrating.

You need to get the balance right. You can over-complicate football. You keep moving the ball but if you’re not getting near the goal, what’s the point?

We were very poor against Iceland. Football can get lost in this new way of playing. Everyone is passing and moving when sometimes the simplest way — get it out wide, get crosses in the box, pick up the second ball — can be the best. It’s not always the perfect way, the prettiest way, this vision people have of how football should be played — but it might get you a goal.

Possession’s fine, but it needs to have direction to it, and most times that has to be towards goal. Every coach has his own thoughts on how it should be played, but if it’s not working, what’s the problem with going long, getting them on the back foot, make it uncomfortable for them?

There are a lot of different ways to approach it, but pass, pass, pass, and then eventually pass back to your goalkeeper? For a forward player, that gets frustrating.