Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany foolishly got himself sent off early on in yesterday’s FA Cup derby after a dangerous tackle on Nani. The defender went in with both feet off the ground and with a scissor kick took the ball away from Nani who, unsurprisingly, got out of the way of the challenge.

Following the game, Roberto Mancini gave an incredible awkward interview with ITV on the matter, before later going on to clarify his opinion, insisting that Rooney got Kompany sent off.

“It was not a red card,” he said. “Rooney told him his decision. We will do an appeal and I am sure that we will win. It was 300% not a sending off.”

Rooney responded to this claim on Twitter, saying: “Funny how people think I got Kompany sent off. I’m not ref. I didn’t give red card. But it was a clear red card. 2 footed tackle.”

Rio Ferdinand also backed up this viewpoint on Twitter, saying: “How can there be any debate about the red card? You leave the ground with a two-foot tackle = Red card. Fact.”