Wayne Rooney hates Liverpool. We love Wayne Rooney. Where the confusion amongst dippers seems to arise I don’t know. I don’t give a shit about Everton just as I imagine Liverpool fans don’t give a shit about City. When we sing of our hatred of scousers we’re singing about Liverpool, not bloody Evertonians.

Anyway, Rooney has reassured us today that nobody at United is getting complacent as well as reminding Liverpool fans just how long it’s been since they were the best team in England.

“If you don’t manage to retain a trophy you can’t deem it as anything but a failure,” Rooney said. “You have already proved you are good enough to do it, so it just drives you on to win more. The history of the club demands that we continue winning. I don’t think the players would ever let themselves become complacent.”

Oh and in case you forgot, we’re approaching 19 years since Liverpool last won the title. Wayne Rooney was just 4-years-old.

“Victory in the league this season will definitely taste sweeter if we pip Liverpool to the title,” Rooney added. “That said, I have never had to endure much Liverpool success. The last time they won the league I was only a child. Even so, it would be hard to take if they won it this season.”

Anyone else noted how happy Gerrard is to pledge his future to Liverpool and talk about his commitment? Funny that he’s saved this talk of loyalty until the first time in his career that his club are actually genuine contenders for the title…