Sadly, the rumours linking Wayne Rooney with a move away from the club are starting to become more credible.

It has been revealed this evening that Rooney has told the club he won’t sign the offered £160k contract, instead holding out for a £200k a deal.

The bust up with manager Sir Alex Ferguson is very real and reached a point where Rooney feels like he can’t stay at the club.

Whilst this might be very real now, it would be foolish to get too worked up about it just yet. Having a temper tantrum in October and actually leaving the club are two very different things. It’s hard to believe the manager wouldn’t be able to kiss and make up.

You can look at bust ups with David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy in the past but you can also think back to Roy Keane’s contract fall outs. If Ferguson wants a player to stay, they will stay. Even Ronaldo, who always had his heart set on Real Madrid, stayed for three years after initially publicly saying he wanted out.

The rumours suggest, so United could get value for money, Rooney would have to leave in January, given he has just over 18 months left on his current deal. Whilst that is a logical argument if you are to believe Rooney is actually going to leave, I can’t see how the manager won’t be able to fix this with an arm around the shoulder and a promise from David Gill of a great contract.

So Wayne, put your dummy back in, and get over yourself.