Wayne Rooney was left out of the squad for our 3-2 defeat to Blackburn. Had we won that game we would now be on the same points as City at the top of the table.

Reports quickly emerged claiming that Rooney had been dropped from the squad after being deemed unfit to train following an evening out with some team mates and their wives and girlfriends.

Reports claimed that Rooney was now looking for a move away from the club after his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson had become too strained.

However, both Sir Alex Ferguson and Rooney have denied any rift and were getting along fine at the Ballon d’Or ceremony this week.

Rooney has spoke to Italian newspaper La Republica about the incident but insists he has put it behind him.

“I was tense when I got back on the pitch and I think it showed,” he said.

When asked if he had challenged the fine of one week’s wages, Rooney added: “Yes, but for reasons I can’t say, I accepted it.”

He continued: “You can’t always agree. Football is made up of all kinds of conflict. In a dressing room, between players, between us and the manager, between us and loads of people who don’t seem to matter. It’s constant and harsh sometimes.”

However, Rooney was also quick to insists that the row with Ferguson is firmly in the past. He said: “My manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, is the greatest present that life has given me.”