“Have you ever won the Treble, have you fuck!” we shouted at Chelsea, watching our team get beaten 3-1 during the last home, after seeing our team applaud Chelsea, the Champions, on to the pitch. It was painful and humiliating and our Treble talk was all we could throw at them, as if they gave a shit less. They were the Champions of England and thanks to Roman Abramovich’s money, looked set to dominate for years.

Fortunately, it didn’t quite work out like that, with a combination of inexpensive but wise move from Ferugson (like Vidic and Evra), our younger players maturing (like Ronaldo and Rooney) and our experienced players leading the way (like Giggs and Scholes). Chelsea never got that combination right and have paid the price for it.

“When I joined United I was 18, Cristiano was 19 and Darren Fletcher was 20,” said Rooney. “We had a lot of young players but over the last few years we’ve got the experience that’s helped us progress. When Roman Abramovich went into Chelsea and all that money was pumped into them, they won back-to-back titles and it looked hard to beat them. But thankfully we stopped them from winning the title for a third year running and from there we’ve kicked on, domestically and in Europe.”