Wayne Rooney insists that he was never going to join Manchester City, after

“I looked out and there was about 30 there all with hoods up,” said Rooney. “With my wife and kid in the house it was just a bit intimidating, but it got calmed down. That night I’d spoken with the Glazers, the manager and David Gill. They called me to speak to me and just said the club was going to carry on moving forward and being successful. People said I was odds on to go to Man City. That was never the case. There was no way I’d have gone there anyway. “I understood some of the fans were disappointed and felt let down. But it was just one of those things I had to get right. Thankfully I have sorted it out now. I have made the right decision and made myself happy. But I didn’t even think about where I was going to go.”

Where was he going then? I mean, it stands to reason you tell the world you want to leave your current club without agreeing to go elsewhere, right? How thick does he think the fans are? That he can sit there, spewing out lie after lie, and think we’ll lap it all up, just like we used to all his ‘United for life’ bollocks.

He had been speaking to City since the summer and I bet Carlos Tevez had been promised he was joining him. Can’t believe a fucking word he says.