Wayne Rooney has already scored 21 goals for United and England this season, which is one more than his total goals for last season, and he is just one goal short of equalling last year’s total for us.

Our young forward insists there’s still more to come from though and is targeting better consistency with scoring goals. I’m sure that task will be a lot easier once Ferguson stops playing him on the left!

“There is still a lot more to come from me,” he said. “I would love to score more goals consistently each year. I am still working on that and hopefully I can improve. I am only 23 but I suppose I started off at an early age so I have achieved quite a lot. I understand people expect things of me now. I just have to keep playing as well as I can. That is what I must try and do. If I can help Manchester United or England win trophies it would be great for me.”