Wayne Rooney has played down suggestions that United are a one man team and reckons we’re the biggest club in the world.

“I don’t look on us as a one-man team or see it as a great burden on me, it’s nonsense,” said Rooney. “If I don’t get the service, I can’t score. If I don’t, I expect others to, and we’ve done that well. We’ve shared the goals out well and it’s certainly not just about me. We expect to win as a team, not as individuals. And I don’t need to say too much at all to people who think that United are starting to slide. Chelsea have a game in hand, but we’re still up there, in a good position in the Champions League and the final of the Carling Cup. I can’t see any slide from us at the minute.”

Rooney was then asked whether he felt the threat of City this season, despite us knocking them out of the League Cup.

“City have done better this year and there are expectations of trophies,” he added. “But I still think it will take time for anyone to get to where the top teams are at the moment. With United’s history behind them, the titles they’ve won over the last 20 years, you can’t get that after just one season. United are still by far the top club in the world. We’ve won the last three titles and no one’s managed four in a row, so we’d be creating history if we did. It’s a lot tighter this year, but we are hopeful we can do it again.”