“We are the Champions, Champions of Europe!” the ol chant used to go. It’s been given a bit of an upgrade this season though, following our Double winning year, with our fans chanting “Champions of England! Champions of Europe!”

With our game later today against Liga de Quito, the title “Champion of the World”, which Wayne Rooney is hoping we can add to our chant!

“It is a great opportunity for us to become world champions,” said Rooney. “You don’t get many chances to win this tournament so we want to win it. Our fans sing “Champions of England, champions of Europe” and it would sound even better for them to add “Champions of the world” so we want to win it for them and ourselves. It would send out a powerful message if we were to win it. We’re in quite a strong position in the league and if we go back as champions of the world it would be a big boost for us. It’s never been in my mind about winning the world championship. When I joined United the targets were the obvious ones like the Premier League and Champions League. But the chance to play in this really excited me. Not many players get this opportunity.”