Danny Welbeck scored the winning goal for England in their 3-2 victory over Sweden this week. A sublime finish saw England in a great position to get out of the group, however, some people doubted whether Danny meant it.

Wayne Rooney has today confirmed that Welbeck is always practising that finish in training and he definitely knew what he was doing.

“We’re used to seeing that most days in training,” said Rooney. “Being honest, I’ve actually had a go at him for trying it too much. When you could score a tap in, he tries that, so I’ve been getting on his back a bit throughout the season, so it’s great to see him finally do it. It’s shut me up anyway!”

Chris Smalling said the same thing today, also claiming he regularly sees moments of class like that from Welbeck.

“I was delighted when he scored,” he said. “Welbs is a good friend and we’ve played together a lot through the Under-21s too. He’s a great lad and I’m pleased he’s showing the world what a good player he is. Danny’s a fantastic finisher and he proved that time and again last year at United. He shows his class in training every day and his finish on Friday didn’t surprise me as I see him do it day in, day out.”

Even Kenny Dalglish acknowledged that Welbeck’s finish was intentional.

“It’s sad that some people are questioning whether Danny Welbeck’s flick for the winning goal against Sweden was deliberate or accidental,” he said. “It was obvious to me and I would have thought most people that it was quite simply a wonderful piece of skill.”