Ruud van Nistelrooy has scored 6 goals in 3 appearances for Hamburg already this season, helping his club achieve maximum points.

He has been asked whether he found it hard leaving Real Madrid for Germany, but Ruud has revealed that leaving United was more difficult.

“It was harder to leave Manchester United,” said Ruud. “That was my club, like PSV and Den Bosch. Real Madrid was different. I had a tremendous time there and a warm relationship with the fans, but Real is more business like. I had a reason to go and they had a reason to allow me. That’s all good. With Manchester, I had that thing with Sir Alex Ferguson and that hurt. That was emotional. For him too, I suppose. I didn’t have that emotional layer with Real. But I look back at my period there with great joy and pride and some of my best mates were there. I count Guti, Raul and Casillas as good friends and playing with Beckham is always a thrill.”