Ruud van Nistelrooy has reflected on what life is like after leaving United.

“I had a fantastic time at United,” he said. “I will remember five unbelievable years, from 25 to 30. But I was lucky. I was lucky to play with Madrid, which is probably on a par with United. Where can you go after United? Probably there’s only Madrid. Any other thing isn’t the same. And now I know what it is. On Tuesday I was watching the Champions League and today I’m preparing for a Europa League semi-final. That’s it, it doesn’t come back. I’m lucky to be in the Europa League and am obviously enjoying that moment, but playing for those kind of clubs is a one-off for a player.”

With rumours linking Dimitar Berbatov with a move to AC Milan, Ruud has advised our Bulgarian to stay where he is.

“I can empathise with his situation. He cost £30m, there were big expectations and they haven’t been met so far,” he continued. “He isn’t playing regularly – he plays but not always – so, of course, that’s a disappointment because expectations are sky high. But I think that, when he has the support of the manager and the lads, that he should just carry on and turn it around. I don’t think he should leave yet. This is his second year so I think that he should give it another year at least – I wouldn’t leave United that easily. I know what it’s like when you’ve left – when it’s gone it doesn’t come back anymore.”