Chicharito RvPYou can tell United aren’t doing very well at the moment purely based on the amount of bogus, shit-stirring stories about us in the press.

Following United’s defeat against Olympaikos, the headlines suggested that Robin van Persie had blamed the result on his team mates.

“Sometimes I try to find ways to do more but in the areas I wanted to play, my team-mates were often there. This makes it difficult for me,” Van Persie reportedly told Dutch channel NOS. “Then I have to change my tactics to suit my team-mates, and play outside my zone. It’s a pity. We played too slow and could therefore create little. I rushed that shot. That’s a shame because I don’t get a lot of chances so when you get one, you have to score.”

Reports in The Mirror today, presumably leaked from the Van Persie camp, suggest that the player was “genuinely shocked” that his comments were reported as a dig at his team mates, when in reality he was criticising himself.

The following day, Javier Hernandez posted a picture on Instagram of him with Patrice Evra. The caption read: “Without your teammates you can’t be somebody in football, always be thankful.”

Journalists then interpreted this as a dig at Van Persie, something which Chicharito has denied via Twitter.

“Before I go to sleep, I need to put this cause things get a little out of context. Why do the press always take comments out of context, my comment on Instagram had nothing to do with RVP. We are great teammates working for the same goal, the TEAM! & Cause the team isn’t doing as well as we’d like everyone just wants to make everything look like a bad thing!”