One of the benefits of having one of the best strikers in the world in your squad is the impact he can have on the younger players. Robin van Persie has scored 11 goals in 14 starts this season, against the likes of City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, and is a great influence on the training ground.

Van Persie argues that he can learn from our younger strikers though, with Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck displaying a fantastic attitude to the game.

“It goes both ways – I can learn from them as well,” he said. “For example, I love Chicharito’s enthusiasm. I love how he plays and trains and does his work off the pitch after training. A couple of weeks ago he wasn’t playing as much, but he was in the gym every day doing extra work, and that sets a big example for everyone. Danny, too. He’s not playing in his favourite position at the moment but we need him and he’s working hard. So when you have four strikers being so professional, it sets the tone for the others. Everyone realises we are all in it together and we all need to do our bit.”