To lose a game after being 3-1 up with half an hour to play is fair unforgivable. Robin van Persie has revealed that the players had a meeting following the defeat against Leicester.

“It shouldn’t be possible,” he said. “But it still happened. We have to deal with it. We had a proper look at it next day. Sometimes it was a bit confronting and it was a long meeting. One hour [or] something. We went from there, started again this week [and have put] a couple of really good sessions in. Everyone feels ready to face West Ham. When you look at the defensive mistakes, it starts somewhere else,” he added. “That’s where we looked at as well. It’s not just the one mistake which happens. There’s a mistake before the mistake and before the mistake, maybe positional wise. Everyone knows where we have to improve.”

Van Persie reckons the talk has put the players back in the right frame of mind ahead of West Ham.

“We’ve had a good few sessions now and everyone’s feeling very positive now ahead of the game against West Ham,” added the striker. “Everyone’s on the same page.”