Robin van Persie has a year left on his current contract and, on the back of two poor seasons, will likely be considering a future away from the club.

It’s a strange, difficult situation. A new situation, that’s a better word. I have to think in a realistic way. It’s my ambition to play the next years. I’m thinking about my family and my children with every decision I take. These are very important for me. I’m a real family guy. I think it’s fantastic to see how happy my children and wife are. That’s something I take into consideration when I’m thinking about my future.

Van Persie only scored 10 goals last season, a tally he recognises isn’t good enough, but acknowledges he is under more scrutiny for that because he’s at United.

That’s at least seven goals short but I think it’s a compliment people don’t accept it. Manchester United is a beast and that has two sides. Manchester United is viewed and followed by more people than at other clubs, and also more media. I have to deal with that. I made that choice and must accept the consequences.