Ryan Giggs, the famous Welsh wizard, joined Manchester United at the age of 14. Interestingly, this deal came through on his fourteenth birthday in 1987: he was born on this day in Cardiff, Wales. He moved to Manchester when he was six after his father, Danny Wilson, who was a rugby player, joined Swinton RLFC. Upon pending his signature for Manchester United, Ryan Giggs went on to make his debut for the glorious United side at the tender age of 17. This debut happened in a match against a famous rival, Everton, at the imperial Old Trafford stadium in March 1991. As a player, Ryan Giggs exhibited great control over the ball, as his splendid pace, coupled with dexterous legs, made him an integral member of the United team across several decades.

Widely said to be the most successful European player to have ever graced the football pitch, he won countless trophies with the United team through Sir Alex Ferguson’s managerial expertise. Amazingly, it is quite unbelievable to have witnessed Ryan Giggs’ ingenious rise through the United team’s talent-endowed ranks to become an indispensable part of the team. Together with other players who have become Manchester United legends like Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, David Beckham, Phil Neville, and Nick Butt. You may want to wager your bet on the team; remember to do your research and explore any free bets and betting offers available as highlighted by popular Sports Community Site, OLBG.com.

Ryan Giggs was a part of this amazing group of players that rose through Manchester United’s Youth flank. This group is popularly referred to as the class of ’92. Class of ’92 is formed by players who were a part of Manchester United’s 1992 FA Youth Cup-winning squad together with the players mentioned above who went on to become a legend at the club like Ryan Giggs. Excitingly, this group of players who are amongst the United’s class of ’92 went ahead to lead the club through a period of enviable and landslide successes and accomplishments.

Ryan Giggs, in this period, proved to be a talented player as he maintained his vital position in the team despite the addition of some extremely talented players like Van Nistelrooy, Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney- to mention a few. Although he suffered a few knocks as a player, Ryan Giggs tightened his brawl to surpass Sir Bobby Charlton’s legendary record, who was the club’s former record holder of the most appearances made. The Welsh wizard currently holds the club’s record for the most appearances made as a player, with a staggering number of 963 appearances accumulated across the years spent at the club.


Ryan Giggs is arguably the most decorated Welsh player. He is widely referred to as a wizard because of his stronger foot- left foot, which he used as a penetrative plough to declutter the defense of oppositions. In his days as a one-club footballer, he majorly played on the left side of the midfield because he is a natural winger. Moreover, his position on the midfield’s left side for the team stood between the 1990s and 2000s. Sir Alex Ferguson intelligently utilized his dynamicity as a player as the Welsh wizard went on to provide a record of 162 goals for his teammates; thus, he currently holds the English Premier League record for the player with the highest number of assists.

Ryan Giggs as a player was totally mature, magnificent, and exquisite. On numerous occasions did he captain the side in the absence of the captain, Gary Naville. He won a staggering amount of 34 trophies in his well-decorated stay in Manchester United. He is widely referred to as the greatest Welsh player of all time. Unsurprisingly, the most decorated player in English soccer history. According to the Champions League statistics, Ryan Giggs is the fourth on the list of players who have played the most games.

Looking back at his time at United, he helped the club win 13 English Premier League titles and two UEFA Champions League trophies. For country, he played 64 times across various competitions for the Wales National Team. Ryan Giggs stands as a player who scored a total number of 168 goals for Manchester United; this stat places him on the rankings of Manchester United’s all-time top goalscorers for Manchester United. Behind Ryan Giggs in the ranking of the most appearance made by a Manchester United player is Sir Bobby Charlton and Paul Scholes.

He wore the number 11 jersey for United as he scored countless vital and beautiful goals to ensure that the club attained domestic and continental success. Ryan Giggs retired from international football in 2007. Nevertheless, after his retirement at club level, he was retained as the club’s assistant manager of Manchester United alongside the club’s coach, David Moyes. But after the dismissal of David Moyes, Ryan Giggs was chosen to be the club’s interim manager before the arrival of the Dutch, Louis Van Gaal. The Welsh wizard spent 23 years at the club as a player, thus, erecting a legendary status for himself at the prestigious English club.

Aside from winning both the EPL and widely-desired Champions League, he also won a FIFA Club World Cup, four FA Cup triumphs, three League Cup winner’s medals, nine FA Community Shields, an Intercontinental Cup winner’s medal, and a UEFA Super Cup winner’s medal. Globally, Ryan Giggs is hugely celebrated and named amongst the best players to have graced the football pitch. Only two teams in England have won more league championships than Ryan Giggs, and these two clubs are Liverpool and Manchester United. No other club in England has won more league championships than the Welsh wizard. He also has some personal accomplishments that place him in the echelon of specialty; they are double PFA Young Player of the Year awards; he won the PFA Player of the year award in 2009, the only player to play in each of the first twenty-two seasons of the English Premier League. Indeed, Ryan Giggs is a legend, a player who was beyond displacement and disregard. Currently, he is the coach of the Wales National Team.