With Ryan Giggs retiring from playing and becoming Manchester United’s assistant manager, our legend has insisted he wouldn’t want his famous number 11 shirt to be retired.

“No,” he replied. “There are obviously special cases but it just depends on the club really. I don’t think it’s [right] for United where they constantly churn over great players. I haven’t thought about who will take over the number 11 shirt – that’s a good question. They’re under pressure, aren’t they?!” he joked, before adding: “I look forward to seeing who takes it and wish them all the best.”

The number 11 shirt isn’t the only one Giggs has worn though.

“I wore number seven for a few games, when the shirts were just numbered one to 11. But 11 was usually worn by the left winger so it really just happened [that I kept it when squad numbers were introduced].”