Louis Saha is a player I have defended on several occasions when reds get on his case, however, half way through last season, I had lost my patience with him. He’s tried, there’s no denying that, but if we are going to dominate in the way we should, we need a striker we can rely on. It was brilliant last season that Ronaldo played so well, but there is no way that a winger should be the highest scorer.

Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney both contributed sufficiently to our goals tally for the season, however neither of them are out and out strikers, and to play them in that position means we won’t get the best out of them.

Sir Alex Ferguson has seemingly forgotten about Saha in recent weeks, omitting him from all his recent interviews when talking about injuries and our options. However, it seems Fergie has remembered Louis, and is eager to put him in the shop window.

“You don’t want to give up on people like that just because they have had a few injuries,” said Ferguson. “When he is fit, Louis is an explosive player who will guarantee 20 goals a season. Louis is on a programme at the moment which we feel will get him to 100% fitness. It is more about his confidence in doing this programme which will get him back playing all the time. Hopefully that is the case because he is such a fantastic player.”

Fergie is spot on when he talks about Saha’s potential. Even last season, when in and out of the team and getting a couple of 90 minutes under his belt, he still scored more league goals than Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt, who more often than not, was picked to start alongside Fernando Torres.

However, in the ten years Saha has played in the Premiership, he averages just 28 games a season, which isn’t enough. Even in his Fulham days, as the undoubted first choice, he struggled to get more than 30 games under his belt.

Ferguson may very well talk about Saha’s potential for fitness, but this surely is him just heaping praise on the player to get managers interested. Unsurprisingly, Roy Keane has been linked with signing Saha, but he’s not the only one. Fulham, Roma and Valencia all reportedly are interested.

So, time to say goodbye now. Get Saha fit and then get him out.