Louis Saha had to leave Manchester United because we couldn’t afford to compete in four competitions with a striker who was so unreliable thanks to his injuries. When fit and ready to play, Saha really was a good striker for us and scored some important goals. It was his performances in the League Cup 2006 which helped us win the trophy, with him being the top scorer that year, which then went on to start our revival after “the decline”.

It was a shame to see him go but we all know it had to be done and we wished him well. That decision to sell him gave us a boost this week, with him coming very close to scoring a hat-trick against title rivals Chelsea. The two goals he did score against them has moved us to within a point of the top, which is pretty good considering we dropped points ourselves at Villa Park.

Saha has revealed that he is in regular contact with his former United team mates and expects plenty of phone calls after the win.

“I still keep in touch with a lot of the players from United, especially Patrice Evra,” said Saha. “Wayne Rooney and Owen Hargreaves are on the phone a lot and they have a really good bunch of guys. I know I will be getting a lot of calls now, and it is a big boost for them. The main thing has to be Everton and taking us as high up the table as possible. I haven’t set myself a target of goals this season – just to get more than I’ve got at the moment. The main thing for me is to stay at this level now. That’s my only goal. I want to show to every opponent that I am serious. I want to work hard and I want to do well.”