Until we see him in a Manchester United shirt, we aren’t going to believe that Alexis Sanchez could sign for us. We have been strongly linked with countless players over the years and while sometimes we pull it off, like when Robin van Persie came, there have been plenty of disappointments.

One of the narratives being told at the moment is that if Sanchez does chose United over Manchester City, it is purely down to money.

Reports suggest that United are prepared to offer the Chilean a larger salary but it’s not as if he would be a pauper if he joined City. If money was what motivated him, he would be looking for a move to China, not another Premier League club.

Sanchez wants to play in the Champions League and win it. In Jose Mourinho, he would have a manager who has won it with two different clubs.

Interestingly, reports in 2010, when he was still at Udinese, claimed that Sanchez had always had his heart set on joining United.

When at the World Cup, one of his teammates revealed Sanchez’s childhood dream.

“All Alexis wants is to play for Manchester United,” he said. “He’d give anything for that.”

Of course, childhood dreams don’t necessarily dictate your career years later, but his longstanding desire to play for United could help sway him this transfer window.

After Arsenal’s defeat against Bournemouth, Arsene Wenger confirmed the decision would be made within the next 48 hours.