Manchester United have enjoyed a great pre-season with Erik ten Hag so far, winning three out of three, with the new manager getting to work with his ideas on and off the pitch.

Jadon Sancho, who is taking part in his first pre-season tour with the club, has spoken with the official site about how different things have been under Ten Hag.

It’s my second year now, settling into the team, knowing how players play and I’m excited for the upcoming season, with a new manager and how he wants us to play, and I think it will be good for myself. The training, especially in pre-season, has been a real positive and all the lads have taken on board what he’s saying; you can see it in the games, we’re creating a lot more chances, keeping the ball more and just making good things out of the style we’re playing.

We’ve been having lots of meetings with the manager and understanding how he wants us to play and there’s definitely been a big sign of everyone taking that on board and us producing what he wants to happen. You can see in the games, as I said before, with how we’re playing and there being a lot more structure and opportunities to score, and we’re keeping the ball more too and being effective [with it].

This pre-season, we have the same players but it just looks like a whole different team and I do think that’s something we’re working on and I feel like we’re getting better. The manager is big on team-bonding and having fun together and doing things like team dinners and things like that. So, yeah, it’s helping.

Following a dreadful 2021-22 season, Sancho acknowledges that the players realise they’ve got something to prove for the campaign ahead.

Last year wasn’t great and I feel like everyone has something to prove for this upcoming season. We don’t want to put performances in like we did last year and upset the fans. Some fans travelled for a long time to get to the stadium and watch us not perform. I’m sure, this year, everyone is going to make up for that and make sure every game we play we put 100 per cent in and make sure the fans are smiling at the end of the game.