To apply for Manchester United’s away games you have to own a season ticket and pay for all cup tickets.

Looking at the mid-priced season ticket and the games United played in last season, we will work out how much it costs you to just be in the running to buy away tickets. Bear in mind some fans pay a lot more than this if sitting in the centre of the North or South stands.

Season ticket = £703
CL: 3 x £41 (group stage) + 1 x £46 (round of 16) + 1 x £48 (quarter final) + 1 x £51 (semi-finals) = £268
FA Cup: 1 x £37 (only one home draw)
League Cup: 4 x £37 = £148
Total = £1156

Yet despite this, the chances of you being successful with your application through the club for away days are slim to none. The club cream off a massive proportion for themselves, with players an execs seemingly taking as many tickets as they like (read more about this in Red Issue). Add to that the fact we’re not being offered our full allocation at several grounds because of persistent standing, and you can view the away tickets like gold dust.

A way to keep the tickets in the hands of the proper fans was the Loyalty Pot, a way for fans who had shown true dedication to the club, both financially as well as physically, to get to the away days. To become a Loyalty Pot holder you have to have applied for every away game since December 2002.

Of course, tickets obtained by Loyalty Pot holders will also be passed about other proper fans, with reds sorting each other out. Without the Loyalty Pot, more tickets will be going to the execs and any ol’ Tom, Dick or Harry.

For the sake of fans who have shown proper dedication to the club, who sort out other proper fans with tickets, and for our atmosphere, maintaining the Loyalty Pot is crucial.

The club’s Fans Forum will be discussing the issue and welcome your feelings on it.