In terms of appearances, Peter Schmeichel ranks in the top 30 for players to feature for Manchester United, playing more games for the club than David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrice Evra.

His son, Kasper, has won the Premier League with Leicester but Schmeichel believes his son has a big club move in him. Kasper is now 30-years-old, but both father and son have won the league title since Liverpool last did in 1990.

It would be a dream.For me, trying to be as neutral and unbiased and not like a father, I think he has done well enough to convince everybody that he can play at the highest level.

The doubts were there when he first went into the Premier League over whether he was good enough, but he proved that and in the Champions League last year I thought he did really well. If clubs need a really good goalkeeper, well he is somebody who can be trusted to do that.

I am crazy about Leicester, I am crazy about the owners – they are fantastic and really good for the Premier League. There is no shortage of will and money to make Leicester a top four club, or at least top six, top eight. They are prepared to do that and that is a really interesting environment to play football in.

There is no ‘Kasper needs to move’ kind of feel at the moment, but if an opportunity like that (United) came around, that would be fantastic.