Before watching the Champions League quarter-final at Anfield last week, I thought we’d just picked up a bad result against Porto. Thankfully, the scousers put it in to perspective for us.

Conceding that second goal felt dreadful but if we’re honest, it’s what we deserved. It means that we’ve got a difficult task on our hands, but it’s not an impossible one. We have to win. We can win 1-0 or 2-0 or 7-1, it doesn’t matter. We can concede, we just have to outscore them. If we can’t outscore them, we have to score at least two goals. Tricky but certainly not impossible.

Paul Scholes, who scored our opening goal against Sunderland at the weekend, is confident of us getting a result at Porto.

“All we’ve got to do at Porto is win a football match,” said Scholes. “With the players we’ve got I’m sure we can do it.”

Scholes reckons the win we got against Sunderland at the weekend has helped our chances.

“It’s always nice to get a win,”
he added. “It always boosts your confidence. I think we needed a little boost. That was a big win for us. Liverpool had won beforehand and Chelsea won as well. It doesn’t increase the pressure. You have to do your own job.”