After never replacing Roy Keane, Manchester United probably can’t afford not to replace Paul Scholes, but there is a possibility of that happening if things remain as they are. Maybe Anderson was seen as a Scholes successor when he was bought four years ago but he hasn’t made the grade.

David Gill has admitted we are looking at other players to bring in, with Wesley Sniejder, Samir Nasri and Luka Modric amongst the players who have been linked to the club. Scholes reckons of the players he’s seen, Modric, who has been subject of a couple of bids from Chelsea, is the best bet.

“The ones who have been linked all look like they are capable of playing for United,” said Scholes. “The three linked the most with United are all great top players. Of the three Modric, when we’ve played against him, has been the one I have been most impressed with. Whenever we played Tottenham, he was the one who stood out. But there are no guarantees. You could sign Sneijder for £35-40m and it might not work out. He went to Real Madrid and it didn’t quite work out for him there, so you just don’t know.”

However, in typical Scholes fashion, he has claimed it won’t be a big deal to replace him, as he hasn’t contributed much to the past few years.

“I don’t think it is a big deal really replacing me because I haven’t been the type of player people are talking about for the last four or five years,” he continued. “I haven’t been scoring goals or been the main playmaker in the team for a while. I don’t think I actually need replacing in that way at all. I wasn’t the pulling the strings anymore, definitely in the last two years and probably even since I was 31-32. I haven’t been as prominent in the side. I wasn’t scoring the goals and I wasn’t making the goals.”