Paul Scholes, who has been very vocal since retiring from playing football, has yet again criticised Louis van Gaal’s playing style at Manchester United.

There’s a lack of creativity and risk. It’s a team now you wouldn’t want to play against because they’re tightly organised. But it seems he (Van Gaal) doesn’t want players to beat men and it’s probably not a team I’d have enjoyed playing in.

Scholes has also blamed Rooney’s dreadful form, which has seen him repeatedly lose the ball and fail to control even the simplest of passes, on Van Gaal.

The hardest thing to coach is scoring goals and creativity. I was at the derby on Sunday and Rooney’s movement was brilliant but when he’s playing in that team there’s no one prepared to pass to him. I think after 20 minutes you’d be tearing you hair out. I played with some brilliant centre forwards and I don’t think they could play in this team – the likes of Ruud van Nistelrooy, Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Teddy Sheringham. You don’t get crosses into the box or midfielders looking for runs.

In the derby, Joe Hart and David de Gea both completed more passes than Rooney. In the final third, he completed just three passes over 90 minutes, with just a 27% accuracy. Vincent Kompany and Chris Smalling completed as many passes as Rooney in the attacking end of the field. Rooney didn’t create any chances, he crossed the ball four times but all of them went to a City player, and his overall passing accuracy was 55%. But yeh, his movement was brilliant, and it’s Van Gaal’s fault that Rooney is playing so badly.