Andy Mitten had a chat with Paul Scholes before the end of the season about several topics, including his favourite meal from the chippy and Sir Alex Ferguson’s advice on tackling.

Whilst the praise from his peers his never-ending, with the likes of Zidane, Davids and Henry claiming he was the best central midfielder of his time, his unassuming nature means he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves when the official awards are handed out. He’s probably quite happy with that, given that standing on stage in front of a room full of people accepting an individual trophy would not appeal to him.

Still, with Scholes being such a fantastic player, you might wonder whether he’s ever been tempted to play abroad to play for another European giant.

“No,” Scholes asserted. “I’ve no need to. I’m at the right place. I live in Manchester, well, Oldham, and I’m at the top club in Europe. The top club in the world. So what’s the point in moving? No need.”

This chat took place a week before derby day at Wastelands and Scholes was asked would he prefer to score a last minute winner against City or Liverpool.

“City,” he replied, “because I’m a Manchester lad.” The following match he did just that.