Paul Scholes is likely to retire at the end of this coming season when his contract expires. He has spoken in praise of his manager before reflecting on what he wants to do in the future.

“He has been great,” said Scholes. “It goes without saying what a top manager he has been. The amount of players he has brought through the youth team is great and it gives hope to all the kids in the youth team that if they are good enough he will definitely use them. It has just been fantastic working with him and I think there is a good few years left in him yet.”

Being as shy as he is, Scholes has hinted that he may have a future in coaching kids, and I am sure United will have a spot for him in the academy.

“I am coming to the end of my playing career and I maybe have one year left,” he continued. “I have started doing my coaching badges back in England and hopefully one day I will be able to coach kids or coach some kind of team somewhere.”