The official site is running a Made Of Manchester theme at the moment, which ties in with the gingham kits the players are wearing this season.

Paul Scholes has been interviewed about his thoughts on Mancunians and Manchester.

“You want your own type of people in there,” said Scholes. “I know people from Manchester are tough people and they have the quality with it too. If they didn’t have quality, they wouldn’t be here. It’s great to have local lads here, the more the merrier. I think people from Manchester are generally mentally strong, there’s not a lot that effects them.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he has never received an offer from another club for Scholes and claimed this was because they knew he would never want to leave United. Scholes reckons it’s not just his love for the club but his love for the city that has kept him around.

“I love the area, I love everything about it,” he said. “What more could anybody need in Manchester? I don’t know. You’ve got the best club, a great city to go to, a great place to live. There’s just never been any need [to leave]. Manchester means everything to me. I absolutely love it. I get to play for the best club in the world and it’s on my doorstep. What more could you ask for?”