Paul Scholes got his name on the scoresheet for the first time this season at the weekend. Having missed a large chunk of the season due to an operation, it’s taken Scholes longer than usual to find the back of the net.

He has today reflected on his desire to score more goals and win more trophies, claiming if you’re ever content with what you’ve won already, Manchester United isn’t the club for you.

“My desire to win more trophies is still strong,” said Scholes. “Manchester United is a massive club that demands that you win things. If you are just happy to go along and not earn medals there is no point in you being here. We are almost at the end of January now and in a great position to be successful this season. Hopefully we can see it through.”

“As you get older, you don’t play as often which is the manager’s way of looking after you and getting the best out of you,” he added. “I don’t go forward or score goals like I used to or would like to. We probably saw the end of those bursts into the penalty area about two years ago. It is just one of those things and something you have to accept. I know the end is not too far away for me but as long as I am here I will just try my best to help the team in whatever way I can.”