Nine months ago, Wayne Rooney told the world’s press that he had no intention of extending his current deal with Manchester United, which had just over 18 months remaining.

The player knew that United would be forced in to selling him sooner rather than later in order to recoup some of the £27m we spent on him.

Whilst he claims no agreement with any club was in place and that he wouldn’t have played for City, it’s clear that both these statements were untrue.

After claiming that United didn’t match his ambition, Rooney found himself staying with the club, lifting the 19th title and scoring in the European Cup final.

Paul Scholes has revealed that he found Rooney’s behaviour disrespectful but that he had started to make up for it with his performances in the second half of the season.

“I think Wayne was a little bit disrespectful, but he held his hands up afterwards and said sorry,” Scholes said. “He definitely regretted the statement. But he came good in the second half of the season and he can still go up several notches, for sure. We have not seen the best of him yet. He is capable of being the same for us as Messi is for Barcelona. When his head is right and he is right physically, he can do real damage. Hopefully we will see the very best of him in the next two or three years.”