Manchester United are through to the 5th Round of the FA after beating Spurs at the weekend. After going a goal down early on, United scored two goals in two minutes to earn their progression.

Dimitar Berbatov scored the winning goal in front of the fans of his former club, who up until that point had booed him whenever he touched the ball.

The scorer of the first goal was never announced over the PA system, although it appears now to have Paul Scholes’ name on it. He isn’t so sure.

“It was quite a poor start, we were sloppy, giving the ball away and they made us pay for that,” said Scholes. “But we stuck at it, kept going forward and then got a lucky goal. Was it mine? If it was on target, yes. If not, then it wasn’t.”

Michael Carrick got both assists for our goals, although it was the pass for the second goal that got people talking. Ferguson called it ‘fantastic’ whilst Scholes claims Carrick made Berbatov’s job of scoring easy.

“It was a great finish from Berba but I think you have to look at the pass as well from Michael,” Scholes added. “The pass split the defence wide open. It was a great ball and Berba had the simple task of putting it in the net.”

Own goal or Scholes’ goal?