Real Madrid were obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer, with daily comments coming from the Spanish camp in regards to our winger.

Bernd Schuster, who was the Real Madrid manager at the time, has slammed his former club over their one-track mind.

“Look, we asked for three or four players if Cristiano didn’t come,” said Schuster. “I understood the club would have to pay an extortionate fee to bring that kid, and they made it clear to me that if he came it would be very difficult to get anyone else. Maybe one more, but at a very low price. But of course, if he didn’t come we could bring someone else in, someone who we really needed. The thing is we didn’t need Cristiano, that was more a theme the club had going. We knew that with him alone we wouldn’t solve other problems because he can’t defend nor play on the wing. The big surprise was that in the end nobody came. They said they had no money. There was money for Ronaldo but not for the others.”