There has been plenty of hype concerning Manchester United’s clash with Hull at the weekend, with fears that the ‘wrong’ team might be allowed to stay in the Premiership thanks to our manager likely fielding a weaker team. The title is wrapped up and the Champions League final is approaching.

The situation is similar to that of Liverpool in 2007, apart from the fact United have already been crowned Champions, whilst Liverpool were out of the title race by the turn of the year. Strangely, the press didn’t bat an eye-lid when they fielded a weakened team against Fulham, who beat them on the second to last game of the season, and escaped relegation by just one point.

Premier League chief, Richard Scudamore, has backed our case today though, saying common sense has to play its part in this.

“You can’t alter the fact they’ve won the league and they’ve got the most significant game the following Wednesday against Barcelona,” said Scudamore. “You have to be realistic. They’ve got a squad, and therefore you can’t argue that they deploy the benefit of that squad in a game on Sunday.”