When Javier Hernandez put United 3-2 up against Chelsea on Sunday, he celebrated his goal in front of the Chelsea fans. You know, the same fans who chanted “let him die!” on repeat when Ashley Cole took him out at Old Trafford last season and he was receiving treatment, before being stretchered off. He didn’t make any inappropriate gestures, he wasn’t goading the fans, he was simply grinning and forming a ‘C’ with his hand as he does after every goal for his sister.

In response, the Chelsea fans surged forward, injuring a steward who needed to be taken off in an ambulance, breaking off their seats to throw at the players and raining down coins.

Whilst some Chelsea fans were embarrassed by this behaviour, other Chelsea fans tried to justify it, claiming it was Chicharito’s fault the steward got injured, not their own fans’. They angrily accused Chicharito of “inciting” their fans to behave in such a way.

So, last night, after putting Chelsea 4-3 up against United, Daniel Sturridge celebrated his goal in front of the travelling United supporters. He did a nice little dance for us before holding out his arms with a lovely cocky expression on his face.

In response, the United fans… oh right, no, they didn’t put a steward in hospital, rip up the ground or pelt the players with coins. Funny that.