On a daily basis I will sift through the e-mails sent to me from readers of the blog. Some will be a heads up on a particular article or a video, some will be asking my opinion on a particular issue, some will be giving suggesting new ideas for the shop, but today I was sent something rather odd.

“NHS is exploiting my life” – claims transsexual read the headline. Weird. Why was I being sent this? I read on…

A TRANSSEXUAL, angry at an NHS advertising campaign that depicts a man wearing makeup, says her lifestyle has been exploited for the sake of a poster. Lucy Smith thinks the NHS should have been more sensitive to the transsexual community in Warrington when it developed a poster warning women drinkers they could end up looking like men.

“It’s hard enough living in Warrington without this,” said Lucy, a pre-op male to female transsexual. “People see the posters on the bus and it draws attention to me sat there. I walk down the street and everyone’s looking or shouting.”

Hmm. I scanned the article, looking for some United reference, or at least something to do with football, but to no avail.

Then I looked at the picture and it all made sense…

You’re thinking ‘where have I seen that face before?’ right? I’ll try and jog your memory. Think lots of tears, think slippy ground, think Peter Kenyon losers medal. Got it?

No hoax. Story here.