With St. Andrews incapable of providing adequate provisions for half-time beverages and snacks, I stayed in the stands during half-time. There was no way that people were going to get their beer down there, with thousands of fans crammed in to such a tiny area. If you did make it to the counter in time, there would be no way you’d make it back through the crowds with even half a beer left, so I thought better of it, and have apparently missed something newsworthy.

But you knew it was kicking off on the concourse, firstly because of the noise, but secondly because of all the police, plastic shields in toe, running towards the away end. A few knobs didn’t want to get involved, but spent the first five or ten minutes of the second half with their heads down the steps, chanting “United”. Like kids running towards the ocean but then running backwards as the tide approaches their feet.

As the game approached full time, a load more police officers lined up on the pitch facing the away end. They bent down on one knee, plastic shields up to protect them, looking as though they were doing their best Viking impression. Where were the plastic spears? “We’re going on the pitch!” our fans mocked, just to shit them up a bit.

After the match, a police spokeswoman said: “There were two separate incidents – one just before the game and one during half time and a number of officers have been deployed.”

Seven arrests have been made so far in relation to these incidents.