Luke Shaw has given his first interview where he discusses the season-ending tackle he endured almost a year ago.

Speaking to The Guardian, Shaw has given his opinion that Victor Moreno’s challenge was a bad one, despite the PSV man not even conceding a freekick for the challenge. 

Pierluigi Collina, former world-class referee and UEFA’s chief refereeing officer, was not of the referee for failing to award the deserved red card, while some pundits argued Moreno was just going for the ball.

Shaw has discussed his feelings on Moreno and UEFA’s incredible decision to name the player man of the match.

I partly blame myself. I’d run into their penalty area and I should have shot with my right foot but I wanted to come inside. I wanted to be on my left foot. And then, obviously, the tackle. I don’t even want to think about the tackle, to be honest. At the time I thought: ‘Give him the benefit of the doubt, it wasn’t actually a bad tackle.’ But the more I’ve seen it since, the more I think: ‘You know, that was actually a really bad challenge.’

To be fair to him, he did come to say sorry. He came to the hospital and I saw him face to face in my room. I was quite sympathetic at the time – ‘Aah, look, you can come in, it’s fine’ – but at the end of the day it was me lying there with a broken leg, and I went through so many bad times since then I did start thinking about it some more. It really annoys me they [Uefa] gave him man of the match. Some people were saying it was a good challenge, others were saying it was a bad challenge. For me, it’s a bad challenge.