After Jonjo Shelvey got sent off for planting his studs in Jonny Evans’ leg and not making any contact on the ball, he walked towards the tunnel where Sir Alex Ferguson was standing. Instead of accepting responsibility, acknowledging that he went over the ball with both feet off the ground, he instead blamed Ferguson.

“That was you! You did that!” he shouted at our manager, before being pulled away down the tunnel.

During the week, United fans were falsely accused of mocking Hillsborough because of our chant that exposes the scouse mentality of grief-hungry victims, who never accept responsibility for their own doing. Whether it be the fact their club denied any wrong-doing at Heysel and blamed the deaths on Chelsea fans, whether it be wearing t-shirts for a criminal convicted of attempted murder just because he was “one of them”, or whether it be standing by a player who has been found guilty of racially abusing another and insisting he had done nothing wrong, the scousers are famed for their approach to life.

“Outraged by everything, ashamed of nothing” is what was written about Liverpool in The Guardian earlier this year. That pretty much sums them up.

Today, Shelvey became the latest example from Liverpool where they refuse to accept what they have done wrong and blame anyone else for their misfortune.

“Shelvey was trying to blame ME for the decision,” Ferguson said after the game. “But he is responsible for his own actions.”